Poor Customer service letter to PR

by whiteghost01-2009 - 8/31/10 7:41 PM

To Whom It May Concern:
My name is FCutlip, I have ran a small computer service company for the last 5 years and before that I worked for BancTec Inc. for 5 years, Performing Onsite Warranty repair services for Companies that include Dell, HP, Compaq, and a few others.
One reason I am writing to you tonight is to tell you that your Company has a major issue with customer service and technical information, to and including the communication between your parts department and your CSRs.
However the main reason I am writing you is to tell you about an issue that is very aggravating and deserves some attention from Customer service other than the front line.
My Mother, Dianne, had purchased a Samsung Monitor Serial AQ19HVZQ305167E. On July 21st 2010 she sent that monitor to the repair facility Trans # 4007039376. On July 29th she received the repaired monitor Back from your service center. When she connected it to her computer and powered the device the only thing you could see on the monitor was a pure WHITE screen. Now my understanding is that the monitor was to have the power-on circuit repaired and the LCD replaced due to a Vertical line on the display. If in fact that the LCD was replaced, the technician who repaired that monitor did not seat the connecting cable from the control board to the LCD inside the monitor, which is why it would get a Pure White Screen and it obviously was not tested.
At this point customer service decided that the Monitor should be replaced. The Replacement Monitor is Model P2070. It is an upgrade from what my Mother had from the beginning. GREAT, RIGHT! .. WRONG. On August 4th she received the replacement Monitor and exchanged the old one and shipped it back. The replacement monitor was shipped with no power adaptor, and no Video connection cable. This is where your customer service has a major problem! The replacement monitor requires an external AC-DC power supply and only has a DVI video connection. The old model that it replaced had an internal power Supply and a VGA D-Sub connection.
Now any parts department or CSR would and should have the ability to cross check this information and make sure that the Customer gets all they need to have a working device. I Know that Dell and HP does as well as many other companies. Now I am not a CSR for your company or any other for that matter. But it took me about 2 minutes on your website to compare the 2 monitors and find out that they required different power sources. Why couldnt your CSRs?
It is now August 31, 2010 it will be September 1st when I hope someone reads this letter. I have made a couple of phone calls and really have had nothing but Im sorry, I would be aggravated too, but there is nothing I can do until the parts department gets back to me.
When a new Exchange was inquired about I was told, There is no Guarantee that the external power supply and video cable would be sent with the replacement. That is just really unacceptable! When you exchange a monitor against a warranty I understand that you will get a refurbished component, however I fail to understand why a CSR or Parts department would not send the required components to operate and connect the device in question when there is an obvious difference in the device types, or at the very least choose a monitor that would use the same power and video connections!
The 1st case number 4007039376, 2cnd case number 5000777019, third 4007088982 I would expect someone to make this right and let me know what is to come of this blatant disregard for common sense.