MPO files??? 3D photos on 3D TVs? Not for Samsung, it seems.

by manymoreideas - 8/1/10 2:22 AM

seems i've definitely chosen the wrong manufacturer for my 3D tv: panasonic and LG both support the display of MPO files (the container format for 3D images, that e.g. the fuji real 3D camera W1 produces), BUT NOT SO samsung.

i've only managed to get my pictures on the screen of the le46c750 via a pc and hdmi, and i suspect, that i still loose half of the horizontal resolution this way, as the pc sends only ONE 1920x1080 signal with BOTH pictures side-by-side compressed to half the width to fit. and the tv in side-by-side 3d mode decompressing it again.

can you PLEASE integrate this in your firmware, to have the tv's mediaplayer play those files directly from usb or via anynet?

and also, please add a way to play youtube 3D files (found with the search string yt3d) on your tvs in 3D.

it's all about content in 3D, isn't it, and there's not so much of it around up till now. so let consumers use at least the content there is, to help promote 3D, won't you?

or do you want to dig your own 3D graves once again in 3D history???