samsung plasma tv broken and need resolution

by chevellgod65 - 6/25/10 2:57 PM

I purchased a 58 plasma samsung tv in jan 29, 2010. Four months later it sits with a broken screen not caused by physical damage. Had a technician come out and look and he agreed, but the because the motherboard showed no external signs of burning he could not fix it under warranty. He was aware of this problem and said that samsung would have to give authority to fix it. I have contacted the company I bought the tv from and they are looking into the problem as well. I have a work order number 4006758373. I just want this tv fixed. I have spoken to a lawyer and was informed that there is currently a class action lawsuit that has been filed with samsung on this problem. I amm very interested in more info on this but really dont want to go this route. I would like my tv fixed. Also, I am planning on contacting the better business bureau on this problem too. If anyone can give me any advice or ideas please let me know. I am very frustrated with this situation