Samsung 52" Plasma TV Turn On Problems

by wayne71150 - 4/17/10 9:51 AM

Everytime I try to turn on my Samsung 52" Plasma TV, it turns itself off and on close to a dozen times before staying on. How can I stop the unnecessary on/off switching before it finally stays on. I am afraid it's not good for the TV to be switched on and off so many times.

It's connected to a power strip that has UPS battery backup. It's connected to comcast digital HD cable and a Comcast provided DVR. The Comcast remote controls it after I thought my Harmony universal remote was causing the problem.

I have tried turning off and unplugging everything in hopes of resetting the TV, but no luck. The number of times the TV switches on/off seems to be increasing as time goes by.

I have noticed that after turning off the TV after it is fully warmed up reduces the number of times it switches itself off and on after pressing the power on buttons.

Does anyone have any answers?