Netflix issues and DVD problems

by jerbryant - 12/19/09 6:48 PM

I purchased my Samsung BD-P1600 back in February. It has worked really wll and I have been very happy with it, up until recently. I downloaded a firmware update (hadn't updated since purchase) and then all my problems started.

First is netflix. I bought this player because of netflix, and have really enjoyed this feature, except now it working right is kind of a crapshoot. It fairly frequently fails to load movies. It will load either video, or audio, but not both. It takes 2-3 tries to get it to work, and the only solution between the times is to power cycle the player.

Next, I have had problems with it locking up. Movies will freeze, and the player will become completely unresponsive. Again, this is fairly random, but have not had the problem until the recent updates. It could also be because of scratched discs, but it still brings the player completely to its knees (I usually have to unplug the player to make it work again)

Finally, DVDs. Specifically, DVDs that have "still" menus. 30 Rock seasons "Choos the episode" screen as an example, it is a still screen. My TV (also Samsung, bought around the same time, 50" plasma, don't know exact model number) says "no signal". Once I hit the play button the signal returns. Any resolution to any of these issues would be greatly appreciated