Samsung LE40M8 LCD + CI DTV

by manie20 - 11/27/09 4:17 AM

Dear Samsung Help,

Great to see this initiative for technical help from SAMSUNG, since most selling personal here does not know how to fix specific problems.

I bought a 40" FullHD LCD like 3 years ago, and work very happy with my external dvt tuner over scart since then.

Now, to avoid all those remote's, I wish to switch to the internal DVT tuner. Now I found the CI slot and I bought a set containing a conax cam module + antenne & adapter.

Sinced I got DVT working with the free channels here. I assume DVT is working on my system, it is however the encoded channels that I need the CAM module for.

After inserting the module in the CI slot, and putting the smartcard into the module, I get the following error in the "CI-menu"
Card problem - check card.

Since I could not pinpoint if this error was because of the smartcard of de cam module, I also bought a second of both and tried switching them. However the smartcard never gets accepted by the CI-menu sad

Is this common for my current hardware/software?
Model: LE40M88BDX/XEC
Version: SX10
Software version: T-BDXPDEU00-1009
Firmware version: T-ST1DEU7-1000

And feedback or howto would be greatly appriciated! happy

Kind regards,