LN46B630 - Auto Motion Plus won't turn off

by kehakas - 11/25/09 8:51 AM

I can't turn AMP off on my LN46B630 (FXZA) and I need help.

I've researched this problem on these boards and elsewhere. Here's the proof:

Basically I can't turn AMP fully off without enabling Game Mode (which isn't ideal because it degrades the picture). I've tried setting AMP to "off" (duh), setting it to Custom with both values at zero, and upgrading the firmware from 1011 to the 1012 on the Samsung site. Nothing has worked.

If anyone's ever had this problem, or knows of a solution, or can even point me in the right direction, please help. The AMP is only barely on but it totally destroys the film look that I love.