Audio input problem with PC/HDMI connections

by crazyfatguy26 - 11/21/09 2:53 AM

Hi everyone, I have a strange problem with my Samsung TV. The model is LA32A330. I bought it over a year ago and everything has been fine until a couple of days ago.

From my Asus laptop, I have been watching videos on the Samsung TV using the HDMI 2 connection. For the sound, I used an audio cable from my laptop's earphone jack connection to the "DVI-In (HDMI 2)" connection at the back of the tv.

A few weeks ago, I decided to show my mother how to watch videos from her laptop on the TV. Her Toshiba laptop does not have a HDMI connection so I used the PC VGA connection instead. The same audio cable at the "DVI In (HDMI 2)" connection was used for her laptop.

Like I said, everything was fine and we could watch videos from our laptops without any problems. A couple of days ago, I got curious and wanted to compare the quality difference between the PC connection and the HDMI connection so with my laptop, I plugged one cable in and then the other. That's when the problem started. Now I cannot get any sound from my laptop onto the TV regardless of whether I used the HDMI connection or the PC connection. Furthermore, the TV no longer detects my laptop on the HDMI 2 connection. I can view my laptop on the PC connection and the HDMI 1 connection but I get no sound.

I can view my dvd player on the HDMI 2 connection but at one point, I was getting the sound from my laptop while viewng the video from the dvd. Unplugging the "DVI-In (HDMI 2)" audio cable resets the audio input back to the dvd player. This has led me to believe that the audio input on the "DVI-In (HDMI 2)" connection has somehow gotten stuck on the HDMI 2 channel and would not recognize any new source like the PC connection. It does not explain though why I cannot get the video back on the HDMI 2 connection.

There is nothing wrong with my laptop and I can hear sound from it just fine, both through the speakers and on earphones. There is nothing wrong with the cables. I have tried a few different cables and they all worked fine elsewhere. The problem is clearly with the TV and while I've read through the manual again and searched the web for solution, I could not find anything to help me.

I would appreciate any remedy or advice. Cheers.