Samsung 32" LCD TV no picture only sound.

by sentinel1075 - 2/11/09 9:42 PM

Model LN32A330J1D

I had a Westinghouse 37" LCD TV which only had sound and no video. No OSD either, but you can hear the inputs switch from one to the other. TV was under 1 year old.

I bought the Samsung LCD and after one night, it stopped working in the morning. Same symptoms, slight difference is that when the TV is turned on you can see the picture for just 1 second.

Luckily it was from Costco and it was exchanged. We'll see what happens with this one.

- NOTE. I had a Samsung Home Theatre DVD Player hooked up to the 1st Samsung thru the HDMI. Playing DVD's on it were fine. There is a low buzzing/high pitch sound when the DVD player is on. Don't know if somehow there was short or some power issue which fried the TV. This 2nd Samsung exchange will not have the DVD player hooked to it.

Also, changed the powerbar from an APC one to a Monster one. If there any weird power issues with the wall outlet.