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Contract management software for web devs?

by vman411gamer - 3/29/13 8:53 PM

I am probably trying to find this with totally incorrect wording....anyway...

I am a website developer and I am looking for a software where a client can sign up and post a project which only I can see. We then start a discussion and keep talking/updating on what he/she wants and what I am accomplishing. Some custom fields would also be nice for like a complete by date and so on. In the end they pay and I mark it closed.

Hopefully I can find one that has a lot more features than that but does anyone know of a software like that (hosted by me or the company I do not care) or can someone point me in the right direction of how to word what I am looking for because from what I have found, "Contract Management Software" is not what I am looking for.

Thank you happy