Please help me remember this site!

by tech_ninja_81 - 12/8/11 7:32 AM

This isn't the end of the world if I can't figure it out, but it is KILLING me! This old site came up in random conversation, and I was the only one that vividly remembered it...

Several years ago, I ran across a site where a group of people had set up physical little R/C tanks or trucks in an arena. You could go to a website, and jump in a queue where you waited for your turn.

When it was your turn, you would get a few minutes to drive one of these tanks via your PC. THey had a web cam on the front that would stream to your PC, and you controlled it via your PC remotely.

Does anyone remember this, or have any idea how I would find it? The searches I have done have all resulted in R/C cars, vehicle security cameras, and underground storage tank monitoring...Someone has to remember this besides me!