RSS Reader that supports linked headline exports?

by jimlzim - 2/17/11 2:10 PM

Hello - I posted this to the PC Utilities thread as well - wasn't sure where best to post it - sorry!

I've been downloading and trying many different RSS readers looking for one that will allow me to download all my unread headlines, with links and basic meta data (source feed name, date)

I'd like to export something like this:

Headline as live link 1, Source Feed Name, Date
Headline as live link 2, Source Feed Name, Date
Headline as live link 3, Source Feed Name, Date

Does anyone know of a tool/reader that would allow me to do this? The closest I've come is FeedDemon that allows you to export a "newspaper", but it inserts the description and/or the entire article copy for each headline - which forces me to spend a lot of time deleting unwanted material, combining lines, etc.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Note - this does not have to be freeware, but could be a reasonably priced product.
Jim Zimmermann