Noob JustStabbin BitTorrent InTheDark ! PLZ help/educate BT

by sweepsnregs - 7/16/09 9:41 PM

Don't really know what I'm doing with BitTorrent so it's just trial and error process right now

But was doing OK meaning was torrenting OK til landlord said changed out (think it was device class/category of) router: AFTER this change (redescribing the word he used: "router"), virtually any wireLESS download (DL) I tried would show ETA as INFINITY (using VUZE & but MOSTLY VUZE)...But had 2 occasions, took my laptop to another Wi-Fi network, these same DLs that showed as INFINITY, would resume DL'ing OK (unless I think I try to simultaneously DL many, many torrentS--then some of them showed ETA=INFINITY...DOES THIS MAKES SENSE? WHAT'S PHENOM IS GOING ON HERE?)

So am I starting down the right track in suspecting it has to do with different routerS at the two diff locales behaved somehow/someway diff??? If this is what actually going on, what are ALL the changes/setups I need to do so I can DL/Torrent AT MY RESIDENCE hiccup-free and possibly even optimize the DL speed???

Thanks so much for your help,

P.S. please progress in logical and elementary steps cuz I get a feeling this could possibly be "too technical" for me