Solution:Windows Vista installation freezing on last step

by Jouwhee - 4/12/13 3:55 PM

I have recently came over a problem with a Dell notebook while installing Vista and came up with a very simple solution which might be useful because I found very little about the correct one in this matter.

So I cleared the HDD, went nicely through all the steps of the installation and when it seemed to be coming to an end - it freezed on the last step "Finishing installation".

Switching from AHCI to IDE in BIOS didn't help as a lot of people all over the internet did suggest. Neither did recovering default BIOS settings or searching for system repair/recovery. Even the help on didn't help at all.

What actually helped, was installing the hard drive drivers from the drivers disc, before approaching the main installation (in the step, where you choose the destination hard drive for the Vista install). After doing that all goes nice and smooth. Easy as pie!

Hope this one will be helpful, cheers.