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Got rid of Malware, made some changes in IE and now BSOD

by wallysurfr - 11/9/12 3:31 PM

Hoping someone here can help. I'm good at following directions but not too good with computers on my own. I recently fought a bought with malware and got some great direction from I got everything cleared up but then afterwards as I was trying to make things more secure, I must have made a change i wasn't supposed to make.

Now when I boot up normally I get to a black page with white writing and it says that something is wrong with one of my system disks. It goes to try to check it and if I let it then it goes to BSOD.

If I skip disk check then it goes to the Vista screen where I can choose my profile. If I choose the admin profile it goes to a blank screen with white cursor and about 20 minutes later it finally gets to my desktop. Below you will find the stop errors that come up when BSOD hits:

0x0000007e, 0xc0000005, 0x861e9418, 0x8cb688c, 0x8cdb6588, 0x8007000b

The computer is running 32 bit Vista. It's a Toshiba with 2 GB RAM and 250 GB hardrive.

Any help or direction is appreciated. I've tried downloading SP1 and SP2 but can't seem to download anything successfully.