uninstall or remove Toshiba Flash Cards in Vista

by ThomDM - 3/24/10 1:57 AM

I couldn't find the right solution online to the known problems of Toshiba's utility "flash cards". But the pieces of the puzzle were spread out in people's half-way solutions. Below they come together.

This fix may go overboard for you, depending.

Simply go to "Programs and Features" in control panel and locate Toshiba "Value Added Package". Uninstall properly and say good bye to Flash Card AND have access to your function buttons (F1-F12).

It turns out that Flash Cards is hidden in that V.A. Package. I do not know what else is in the Value Added Package, and so this may be a fix that removes a Toshiba feature/program you make want. Simply reinstall the Value Added Package from your recovery disc, which by the way reverses the process I have outlined with a fresh installation, so you can't lose unless you know what also may be removed. I see no loss of functionality AND no hassles from Flash Cards!