what keeps adding pendingfilerenameoperations entry to my re

by hairyfil - 12/3/08 5:17 PM

Hey all,

I got a new laptop about 4 months ago with Vista installed. I've been running Vista on my desktop since it went retail. Now I have hit a problem that I jsut can't get around.

I'm having problems installing some packages on my laptop because the installation process tells me to complete a previous install/deinstall before it can continue. This has been tracked to there being a file listed in the pendingfilerenameoperations registry entgry. The entry is to delete \??\c:msimg32.dll - sometimes it is listed multiple times in the same entry.

I delete the entry, but every time I reboot the entry is back in there.

HELP!!! I've no idea why this keeps getting added.

I've run mutiple spyware cleaners, I've fully virus checked. I've cleaned out temp folders. I've done everything I can think to ensure that Vista is running clean, yet this entry keeps appearing.

Any advice?
How can I debug to find where its coming from?
Is there a folder, or registry entry that specifies which installers/deinstallers are to be run on reboot? I'm thinking that this maybe my problem.