Soda PDF - LULU Software is a SCAM!!!

by collegesailinggail - 12/28/12 6:59 PM

I sure hope somebody at CNET monitors these postings. I started out downloading Soda PDF and it worked OK. I had all kinds of problems with my computer after, so bad that I had to have a complete system reinstall. Afterward I reinstalled Soda PDF, not putting the two problems together. I went back to cnet to get the full version of Soda PDF, trying to avoid buying a new copy of Adobe ($1K). The complete price is about $60, but I wanted a disk, so it was $85. The upgrade wouldn't load. I called the LULU Software (parent of Soda PDF) tech support. The techie accessed the registry in my computer and said there were too many errors in the registry for the upgrade to load. Then he said they could do the repair, but first, how many computers are there on my network. HUH? What does that have to do with your software loading in my computer??? I was watching what he was doing (which was just looking, I just don't have enough training to work in the registry myself). For a mere $600 a year he could clean up and monitor all the computers on my home network. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? At this point I told him that my point in getting their crappy software was to save money and spending almost $700 was not what I was working to do. How can you go from free to $10 to $35, to $85, to $685??? CNET people, take this product down from your offerings!! It's a scam, they will get hundreds from people who don't understand how computers work. I have contested the charges with my credit card and will NOT be paying these people.