Is FreeProxy a malware?

by mehwish_ali - 12/10/12 12:15 AM


Today I installed a software from cnet. It's name is Free Proxy.

It installed, but I am unable to see where is has been installed. I am unable to find it in my Computer Programs.

Then I tried to uninstall it through system restore, but it is also not working.

Then I tried to come to cnet and search for this program once again by typing "Free Proxy" in the search box. But I was unable to find this software through search box.

Fortunately, I had the link in my browser history.

Here is the direct link to the page of cnet where this software is hosted.;contentBody

I don't know how to proceed further.

I am a newbie and don't know much about the computers. Please help me how to find out this program and how to remove it.

Thanks and Regards