- great, but search engine far too sensitive!

by Faramir1980 - 9/7/12 11:49 AM

I love and have been using it for trusted, clean apps for years (I always sort by Editor Review, those guys've never put me wrong wink )

The ONE thing I'd LOVE to see is a slightly less fussy search function - for instance: I want to download MediaMonkey (I uninstall it after doing what I want to do, as it otherwise tries to take over your whole media functions - great programme otherwise) - I search for:

"Mediamonkye" : NO results at all - ok, I misspelt that one.

What about one letter less? "Mediamonke" you'd think would return "Mediamonkey" in the results - the string's in there after all.. but NO results.

Agh, ok, I'll type in the whole thing. Good job I'm not trying to remember something someone told me and can't spell....

Small gripe, PLEASE make the search less stringent! Thanks guys!

All the best, Ed (& hi from the UK! We love you guys, come visit. We're much better than the rest of Europe!)