Trojan horse treat during free Ad-Aware download

by rbgoforit - 1/7/10 10:52 AM

I have the Ad-Aware Free Anniversary Edition. As I was opening the software to look for an update, a pop-up appeared for a "Free update to Ad-Aware." After clicking to accept it and downloading it from the Cnet site I received notice of a "Trojan horse generic 2-c.HTI threat" from my AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition. The downloading was stopped. I tried this again in a different browser and got the same threat message.

I then tried to run a Ad-Adware full scan and the process was stopped several times.


1)Pop-up after opening Ad-Aware Free Anniversary Edition.*

2)Cnet download.

3)Microsoft Windows XP, Media Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 3

Please advise.

Thank you.