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DLNA help!

by kalikingsmoke - 2/10/13 12:04 PM

im getting so frustrated with all this. i have a sharp aquos 2011 model. and a sony smp n200. tvs in the living room and the sony is in the bedroom. ive tryed all kinds of streaming programs but eather one works for the sony but dosent work correctly for the sharp. ive tryed plex... dosent display all videos and only transcodes some but not the ones that need it. tryed serviio works great for sony but verry choppy on videos for sharp. some play ones that need transcoding dont work. tryed universal media player dose about the same. i even did mezzmo but again doesn't transcode all the videos that need it and only transcodes videos to be saved no live transcoding. i need live transcoding. ive even tryed playon but no transcoding....

dose anyone know of a program that will work with both the sony and the sharp? i need live transcoding. im just so lost with all this... price isn't a problem eather.