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flashing color video effects.

by Cherlique - 12/16/12 7:50 AM

Hey Guys and Girls,

hows it going? so i saw this music video the other day on YouTube. in the video there are like flashes of colored lights with some particles and movement inside. at first i thought it where lens flares, but when i tried with optical flares and knoll light factory, i couldn't replicate the effect from the video. i don't know what this effect is called so cant look for tutorials. so far just describing the effect hasn't gotten me far. i'll post a link to the video so you can see exactly what i mean. hopefully someone can help me or point me in the direction of some tutorials that cover that effect. thanx in advanced for your help.

here is the link of the video, the effect is done throughout the entire video so there is no specifik time you need to skip to.

p.s. Sorry for the previous post (deleted). i forgot to include the link.