How To Record Your Game: MSI Afterburner Tutorial

by MajorBrass - 9/11/12 4:50 PM

Here is a tutorial on how to record with MSI Afterburner including Record Your Own Voice Work Around. I hope it helps save people some of the "headaches" I had in learning to record with it.

This is my first technical tutorial and I would like any suggestions for improvements and any other feedback you may have!

This was recorded with the free and open source CamStudio.

I could not figure out how to make it fill the screen/not have the black space on both sides in the end product. My native and highest possible resolution is 1680x1050. Windows Movie Maker Live rendered it 1920x1080 and I think that may be the cause.

If any of you know how to get around that in future tutorials, I'll be thankful for any tips!