Need best settings for non-hd channels on HD LCD TV

by melboogiedown - 2/5/10 8:25 AM

I have the Samsung 32", 1080p, 120hz, 80,000:1 - LN32B640. Using a HD Cable box with HDMI cable. Since all channels are not HD, what are the best settings to watch non-HD channels because they look HORRIBLE on my tv. It's so blurry it's barely watchable. Basically it looks like a pixelated really bad bootleg movie. My biggest issue is I am trying to watch NBC Universal Sports (on Time Warner Cable in New York City this is channel 162) and watching sking looks like blurry people on blurry skies, going down a blurry hill. Any text in the background is unreadable like advertising banners on the hill, etc.

Any advice, because to tell you the truth for watching regular channels I would rather be on an old CRT TV.