Need good audio enhancement software.

by Guerito - 12/12/09 4:40 AM

Hi all.
Is it me or do sound cards and speaker systems not sound as good as they used to? The last decent audio enhancing software I bought was the package that came with the Creative SBLive (many moons ago...Win 98 days). It came with graphic equalizer software allowing me to fine tune my 5.1 speaker system. It was great. Now because the SBLive series of cards is not supported after Win XP, I have opted for a Trust card 5.1 with a 5.1 Creative Inspire speaker system running on Windows 7. Sound is acceptable but the speaker system is very bass heavy in fact the bass knob on the subwoofer is set to zero and still people underneath me can hear the pounding of the subwoofer. I am not saying I play loud music, in fact it is very rare I play music just the sound that comes from gaming and watching online TV is bass heavy and there is very little 'top end'.
Is there any software out there free or purchase that I can use to fine tune the sound of my system? I have contacted Trust and they said they don't sell or supply any.