Volume automatically goes down - please help!

by ace_uh - 8/22/09 1:59 PM

I bought an acer aspire 6530 about 4 days ago. Ever since I got it I have been having problems with the volume automatically decreasing. When I turn the volume up sometimes it will let it say up for awhile and then it will automatically decrease the volume until it is off. Other times, it will continuously try to decrease the volume. I reinstalled the driver from the acer website and that didn't work. Then uninstalled the driver and reinstalled the realtek driver - that hasn't worked. I use this laptop for business and personal use and have spent the past several days getting it configured so I really do not want to bring it back to the store and get another one - without a laptop my ability to conduct business comes to a screeching halt. Not sure if this is a hardware or software problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!