Welcome to the audio & video software forum

by peterbutler CNET staff - 9/25/07 9:06 AM

Hi, everyone.

Calling all AV Club geeks! If anyone else is old enough to remember AV club ... OK, calling all dorm-room DJs and would-be cinematographers!

We created this CNET forum to have a venue where users could ask questions, post comments, or contribute however you'd like in an area dedicated to audio and video software.

So if you're looking for a way to convert your video files to watch on your iPod, or if you've got a great tip for creating a great music mix for your next party, tell us about it.

The CNET Reviews, News.com, and Download.com editors use a wide variety of free and commercial audio and video software in the course of their jobs and in their personal lives. We'll do our best to lure the experts on here to give you the inside scoop on the software you need.

Thanks for contributing!