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I am not tech smart but need a new laptop help please

by Shortthiing - 2/6/13 8:30 PM

I need a decent laptop? I use it for school, personal home use, for my mustang car club, and its also my TV. I never have time to watch at home. I dont play games just stream movies and tv shows. I would prefer a 17in but 15 is okay if its a great pc for a great price. Must have HDMI for car club use. I absolutely can not spend more than $500. I use lots of flash drives so I never use lots of my hard drive space so I think 320 or more is good... I hope. Now I do need it to be pretty fast when the club puts on car shows it has to stand up to the registrations the judge sheets the pics (we put the cars pic on the trophis) so it will have 2-3 programs opened at once. My last one was an old HP had it for 4 yrs she did okay but finally broke. Please help i am not that tech savey which is why it has to be new not used or refurbished unless its an amazingly great deal and can have some sort of warrantyi found this but know know when they will release them and since they are new they have no reviews
also this