Recurring Issues with Blackberry Bold

by jonathanjames1 - 10/22/12 6:19 PM

Hi all - this is my first post here on CNET, so thanks in advance for the help.

I'm on my second bb bold and am having a set of recurring issues.. here are some of the more annoying ones
1) long delay between type and action - both phones started to develop long delays between when i type on the keyboard and when the actions are executed on the screen.. this is tolerable if the delay is short, but some times i experience delays of 20 seconds or more..
2) the phone will unexpectedly start buzzing.. i have to remove the battery and reset it to stop the buzzing
3) Phone will disconnect unexpectedly - in teh middle of conversations, the phone will disconnect.
4) The latest issue - the background lights remain on as long as there is juice in the phone.. no way to turn it off.

Except for the buzzing issues, the both phones have experienced similar issues.

Has anyone experienced similar issues?