Where is the Blackberry 9800??????

by Caibel - 6/3/10 11:05 AM

Anybody out there know when the new Blackberry 9800 slider is REALLY coming out, and to which carrier? All info on the net says June and to at&t. Problem is i have gone to 4 at&t retailers, none of which had a clue about the phone. Even had to go to youtube to show them the phone. Maybe they are "acting" ignorant to the existance of the phone due to confidentiality or whatever. Problem is I WANT this phone, and actually need a new device. My Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 is crap, and I am willing to break contract to go to the carrier that has this phone. So somebody, anybody... let me know the REAL deal on this phone. I figured if it were being released this month, one of the CNET staff would have copped it by now for a review, but nothing notta. Beginning to believe this phone is like that elusive beautiful women, a dream.