I need help with samsung tv and sony sound bar....

by schroedel1 - 3/26/10 7:39 PM

Hi everyone.Sorry if this is posted to the wrong area.Here is my question. I have purchased a Samsung LN40C630K1F tv.I have a comcast hd cable box and am wanting to get a soundbar for it. I am looking at the Sony HT-CT100. {seems to get good reviews)and has a sleep timer that is a need for me.I was reading some info from crutchfields site on it and it says:
"Digital Surround Formats: The HT-CT100 supports the following digital audio formats.

Dolby Pro Logic II: Creates five full-bandwidth output channels from 2 channel sources.
Dolby Digital: All six channels in this format are recorded separately for superior channel separation.
DTS: Provides 5.1 discrete channels of high quality digital audio.
Linear PCM: Linear PCM is a method of encoding audio information digitally which can have up to 8 channels of uncompressed audio. This wider bandwidth allows for high resolution audio which is closer to the original. This system can accommodate 2ch LPCM through its digital audio or HDMI inputs, as well as 5.1ch and 7.1ch LPCM through its HDMI inputs.
Note: This system does not support Dolby Digital Plus,, Dolby True HD, DTS-HD or Linear PCM sampling frequencies of no more than 48 kHz.

The last "NOTE" says does not support Dolby Digital Plus. In my tv manual it has a list of licenced logos and one is "DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS PULSE" so I assume thats what the tv has. So after calling and asking everyone if this soundbar will work with my tv nobody could give me an answer or explain what that "note" means. Im not going to be hooking up any gaming or bluray etc just tv. Sorry so long but would like to know before I buy and have to send back. Thanks for any help.