CES Survey, Day 3

by Electoninformation - 1/10/13 9:53 PM

Hello. Once again, we handed out surveys to people in the Central Hall of the CES. We collected 66 total responses.

Question 1: How many times have you been to CES?
A once 56%
B twice 12%
C more than twice 32%

Question 2: Why do you come to CES?
A watch the crowd 14%
B I'm a fan of CES 21%
C look for products I like 65%
D other

Question 3: Do you go to consumer electronics show often, including those abroad?
A yes 33%
B no 58%
C it depends 6%

Question 4: Have you found anything you like in this show?
A a lot 77%
B none, disappointed 9%
C I found one thing that's the best 14%

Question 5: Do your family care much about consumer electronics products?
A yes, we do 89%
B no, we don't 11%

Question 6: Will you put consumer electronics products in your family's shopping list?
A yes 83%
B no 15%

Question 7: what kind of electronic products are you interested in?
A audio and video 65%
B household electrical appliance 14%
C mobile-communication 50%
D automobile electronics 15%
E security electronics 8%
F other 5%

Question 8: Do you plan to buy any consumer electronics product in the coming two years?
A No, I don't 6%
B Yes, I do 74%
C Yes, and I plan to buy a lot 18%

Question 9: Which of the following factor do you value the most about electronic products?
A look and package 12%
B usefulness 42%
C quality and service 50%
D brand 23%
E other 3%

Question 10: From your experience, when a family decides to buy electronic products, who usually make the final decision of what to buy: the men, women, or the children?
A men 59%
B women 33%
C children 3%

Question 11: What do you think the future consumer electronics will be like?
A easier to use 32%
B better quality and service 36%
C more personalized 42%
D other 5%

Question 12: Have you ever bought any consumer electronics product made in China?
A yes 89%
B no 8%

Question 13: Which of the following Chinese brands do you know?
A Haier 52%
B Lenovo 58%
C Hisense 23%
D Konka 8%
E Founder 9%
F other 5%

Question 14: When using the following consumer electronics products, which category of products did you find most satisfying?
A audio and video 44%
B household electrical appliance 14%
C mobile-communication 52%
D automobile electronics 21%
E security electronics 2%
F Other 6%