The Android / Linux Tax!!, Hats off To Barnes & Noble :-)

by quasar-atl - 12/16/11 4:05 PM

Hey Buzz Gang and Crew,
I find it remarkable that Android and Linux electronic manufacturers can stay in business. It seems that they are all so focused on making inroads into market-share against Apple and yet they have to pay for the privilege of staying in business. Yep, that's right folks, the Android / Linux tax is alive and well.

What tax you may ask? Well, let's us all remember that other behemoth in Redmond, Washington called Microsoft get's a cut of every Android phone and tablet as well as few Linux devices. In some cases, Microsoft is asking for as much as $15.00 dollars for every Android device made. That practically wipes out any profit that any Android manufacturers can make. Factoring in the mega-bucks that Apple makes, leaves a very small amount of money left for Android and Linux manufacturers.

Oh, let's not forget Larry Ellison and Oracle are on the prowl to get their cut of Android money. Yep, the more market-share that Android get's the more money that flows into the pockets of Microsoft and soon Oracle.

But let's take a moment to give praise to a small little Android device maker who dared to stand up to Microsoft...that maker being Barnes & Noble. I have to give them credit. They actually think that they can win. I hope that they do. wink

Ahhh, I think that Android and Linux manufacturers need to get that monkey off their backs soon, that is if they hope to stay in the business. At least Dell got smart and just got out of the Android market all together. Anyway, just something for you Android and Linux manufacturers to think about.

Instead of trying to get after Apple, may you should be watching your profits. Ohhh, unless you like getting ^$%#@#%@#$*$.

Just something to ponder. wink
Later People.

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