First-Time Poster Wishing Veronica Well

by djtechie - 7/20/07 1:15 PM

Hey Buzz Crew:
I've been an avid listener to Buzz Out Loud for just over a year. I live in San Luis Obispo at Cal Poly. I'm an I.T. consultant there, and also a DJ hosting two shows weekly at the university radio station (one available via podcast).

The Buzz Out Loud podcasts are witty, sharp, enlightening and funny. It's a wonder you guys work as a cohesive unit without falling all over each other.

Veronica, you were defintiely an essential part of the show. I listened with glee and lots of laughter your last show, and it was nasty but oh-so-satisfying to hear those clips that Jason and others have pulled from the archive. They say a lot about how you as a techie and a human being. You're a gift, and I wish you well in your new endeavors.

As for Tom and Molly, looking forward to more of your infamous rants.

Have a great weekend...peace.