Electricity tech - fight greenhouse effect with atomic power

by Rod Adams - 2/2/07 12:48 AM

Tom, Molly and Veronica:

Interesting comments about light bulbs on the Feb 1 BuzzCast. It is kind of amusing to watch California's "pioneering" efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, especially since that nanny state has a near total ban on nuclear power plants, which are the most successful electricity generators that do not produce any emissions at all!

As a former nuclear submarine officer and current atomic entrepreneur, I would love to engage other geeks in atomic technology conversations. Sure, the basic technology was invented a few decades ago, but so were transistors and look how far those have come once we figured out how to put millions of them on a single chip.

Imagine - who would need to worry about what kind of light bulb you were using if the electricity grid was 100% atomic and zero emission? How cool would it be to plug in your hybrid to such a grid, knowing that the fuel you were burning came from Canada, Australia or the US instead of Nigeria, Venezuela or Russia.

Rod Adams
Editor, Atomic Insights
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