XBox vs Nintendo- Customer Care

by gamemom01 - 9/4/13 6:02 AM

I have been having recurring conversations with people all over the place about the lack of customer support/care with the Microsoft/XBox 360. Everybody has voiced the same sentiment. XBox 360 isn't nice to their customers.

We have several gaming consoles in our house. A few Nintendo 3DS's, a Wii, a WiiU and an Xbox 360. So, it's easy to compare the products, room to room. Yes, the XBox is a great product. I like it. What I want to know is, how great? Is it worth all the extras they are charging and demaning? For example, why do I need an XBox 'Gold' membership to watch Netflix on the XBox? I don't need anything 'extra' on the Wii. Just turn it on, connect & its there. I walk from one room where I need a membership for something and into the next room where I don't need anything. There's that.

The notoriously defective 'microsoft point cards'. These can be purchased at retailers for game points/Gold membership activation. The 25 digit code fades when scratched, rendering the card unusuable.The real issue is the lack of accountability from XBox about it.They claim it's not the retailers responsiblity, the retailer insists XBox is responsible. This happens ALL THE TIME! No one is accountable and the frustrated consumer is out money with no product or recourse. Find a new manufacturer and sell a card that actually gives people what they paid for.

In addition, a microsoft/hotmail account is required to use the XBox. Are they allowed to do that (legally)? Does it clearly stipulate that on the box when you purchase it? What if you don't want a hotmail account?

Everyone I've talked to says the same thing: XBox is not good to its people (meaning gamers).

Only XBox 360 insists on:
1. 'Gold' memberships to access basic services
2. XBox point cards that are frequently defective and not refunded/honored
2. A commitment to a particular email service provider

They follow up these demands with a customer service center that doesn't provide any customer service.

I know, just as everyone else I've talked to knows that we'll complain but continue on buying the games. It's Xbox, after all. That doesn't mean that we don't have a voice. Or that we can't hope for an overhall from the big 'M' for better service. We have the right as a paying consumer to demand more quality and less manipulation from the company we love.