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Turtle Beach X12 on Xbox 360, i have a question

by Moonwalker12882 - 10/5/12 3:44 PM

Hey all,

So i'm planning on buying a Turtle Beach X12. And i pretty much know everything (from youtube) videos how to set it all up. Which really doesn't seem like much of a hassle at all.

I have a Xbox 360 arcade
HDMI AV Cable (for optical right now, but when i get X12, it will be for that)
plasma tv (HDMI)

Setting this all up ain't going to be a problem. However a friend of mine, who unfortunetely is not gonna be around for a while(so i can't ask him) said that i need another special cable if i want to be able to chat with friends in a party. I wonder what cable he's talking about though? I just don't want to buy the X12 , set it all up, try to talk to my friends,only to find out that they don't hear me and vice versa. All because i needed another cable. What cable would this be?

Watch this video from 3:55, it's french, but it shows exactly what i got. The HDMI AV cable for 360.

Help would be great.