Sharkoon headset problem. Please help

by realkilla789 - 12/24/11 8:55 AM

I've got a long bad streak with headsets. Months ago I bought turtle beach X12's. They were good quality. Only problem was they were way too sensitive. I live in a dorm and they could hear everything my roommate was saying. I then decided to buy the Sharkoon x-tactic:

They worked fine for a long time, until last week. It stopped working. I can hear audio, but my mic will not work at all. I did a lot of troubleshooting. I tested it on another controller controller, did not work. I tested it on my PC, did not work. I then detached the microphone and plugged it into my PC, it works. So the mic definitely worked, but there was something weird and wrong with the headset itself, I guess.

So I returned the headset and got it replaced with the same exact one. It worked fine... for about a week. And now it has the same exact problem as the one I returned. I don't why it happened. I'm thinking that I just don't have bad luck. There must be something wrong on my part somehow, I just don't know what. What do you guys think.

Yes I have all my connections and right and no, my mic is not muted. Help me out please.