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Turtle Beach X41 question?

by ronreece - 12/9/11 4:07 PM

I have an Xbox 360. I have a Turtle Beach wireless X41 headset which works fine on host account. I also have a Turtle Beach wired X12 headset.
I am able to connect the wired set (for the "guest" player) to the front of the X41 transmitter, and can hear the game fine, but not the people talking.
Is there a way to use a splitter or something so I can hear what's being said, as well as the game, on the wired headset?
We want to be able to hear game/chat for the guest player (using the wired headset), as well as the host (using the wireless headset). I don't need to chat on the guest headset, just hear the game/chat. Hopefully this makes sense happy
Anyone know how to do this - or if it can be done?