Really Bad Cyberpower PC Experience

by HateRipOffs - 1/4/13 8:58 PM

Here I sit in 2013, realizing that even though I spent two full months researching which PC Workstation to buy, I should have done even more research. I was convinced I had made the right decision.

In September of 2012 I bought a Cyberpower PC Power Mega II 1600, loaded with the exact features I wanted. $1,400.00 seemed like such a good buy. After spending over 100 hours trying to fix it, sending it back for repairs, getting it back with nothing repaired, I finally able to convince the retailer to accept the return. This process took several months, and most recently included a six hour phone session with Cyberpower to walk me through fixing my own machine. Again, this was after they "fixed" it. They did nothing, my numerous phone calls in December of 2012 resulted in no fixes, just another authorization to return it again.

In the 17 days it took to ship it to Cyberpower, "repair" it, ship it back to me, they issued 1,308 RMA's! That is a lot of machines coming in for repair. That figure alone should tell you that if you are considering buying a computer from them, no matter how good the deal looks, you should run in the other direction as fast as you can. I have been buying computers since the first Atari in the early 1980's, currently own seven computers. I have never had an experience with any other manufacturer that they were unable to resolve. Compaq, HP, MAC, etc.

I am aware that if someone has a bad experience, they tell ten people - and if they have a good one - you are lucky to hear about it. Maybe they tell one person.

Yes, I read some negative reviews before buying, but also read statements from Cyberpower PC stating how they are working hard to meet customer needs, have improved customer service, and dozens of 5 Star reviews on their own website. None of this is believable. It's flat out fraud. They didn't even attempt to fix my machine, and returned it poorly packed, with more problems than it had when I shipped it to them.

Many readers have told me I should build my own, or have it built locally. Seems like wise advise, except that the total cost of all the parts far exceeds what my local guy could build it for. We are not talking about cheap components, just a lack of skills and very poor technical support.

I could go on and on, but I won't. I have so much time invested into this already. Just know this: Cyberpower PC is terrible. They make one excuse after another. They won't refund your money. They won't fix your computer. They will keep you on hold for hours. If you need a reliable machine for your business like I do, this is not the company for you. Buy from ANYONE ELSE and let them know how frustrated you were with Cyberpower PC, Perhaps the company you select will then make an effort to treat you better.