To susan323: post deleted

by Kees_B Moderator - 9/27/12 3:27 PM

Sorry, but I had to delete your post. The terms you used about the manufacturer of your LED sign (very impressed, in no time, looks fantastic, very affordable) look much too much as SEO (meaning: an ad) to let it stay. This forum is not available for advertising.

If your question was real (which I don't exclude) please post again without mentioning that company. Just tell what you want to buy and ask for a recommendation. But I'll delete all posts that contain the company that you already know about. They surely are smart enough to answer themselves while pretending to be a happy customer, and we can't have that either.

My personal advise: if you bought something and you're as enthousiastic as you are, just buy the other 2 or 3 you need at the same place. There's no good reason to try any other place: it could only be worse.