Memory and NVIDA cards

by revstar - 7/28/06 9:04 AM

A few months ago I upgraded from an FX5200 to an A6800GT expecting a big performance boost. Didn't happen. All my games ran at about the same speed as before.

I updated all drivers, installed an up-to-date audio card (I hadn't been using one), but no performance gain. At the time I had .5G of DDR installed. I upped that to 1.5G. Performance skyrocketed.

Then I installed a new mainboard and processor. Same thing happened. Performance sucked. My new board is a dual ASROCK which has four dual channel slots but only 2 each for both DDR and DDR2. I only had 1G of DDR from the old system to install.

Performance was so poor that I thought of trashing the newer card and starting all over. But then I remembered my earlier problem and installed 2x1G sticks of DDR. Voila! Performance again soared.

Moral of story, if you are running an NVIDIA card don't do it with less than 1.5 gig memory. Your card will work with less, sort of , but it takes 1.5 to make it fly.